Organizing Summer’s Activities: What Is There To Do

Now the kids are home for the summer there is always the question of where to go. If you work outside the home schedules pretty much stay as they were during the school year except your child either has a nanny, babysitter or goes to daycare. With some creative ideas, summer doesn’t have to be a drag for the child or a headache for the parent.

Tips to improve your travel experience:

1.Have a family meeting and brainstorm what family or individual activities can you do in the summer. Plan things to do that aren’t just fun activities, but teach and educate and makes the child feel good about themselves also.

2. Calendar the events you plan on doing. Record them on any calendar and then ask the children to make a special calendar for each member of the family. The weeks could be divided between the kids so each would have a chance to participate in this activity. The adult provides the supplies, paper, pens, markers, stickers, scissors and glue sticks.

3. Plan now to make a family scrapbook of everything you do this summer. I recommend as a professional organizer to keep it simple, simple, simple. Scrapbooking can become expensive and actually get out of hand. It has to be simple so the book will not become a source of contention, messiness and expense.

4.Plan times to work and play with your kids. Sometimes, especially with younger children, cries of boredom are really calls for companionship and attention. Designate some special times for you and your children to do simple, fun things together, such as playing a board game, reading aloud, or taking a walk. Encouraging children to pick the game, select the books you read, or plan your route will help them get in the habit of making their own choices about how they spend their time.

5. Make up a list of extra chores they can get paid for so they can learn responsibility and earn some spending money at the same time. Lemonade stands or frozen ice cream treats can be set up in a safe area and a group of kids could make money doing this.

6. Establish a story time. Place a lawn chair in the front yard or sit on the step. Often neighborhood kids will come to listen too.

7. Now is the time for the finger paint, bubbles and other messy projects to come out of the closet. Take them out under the picnic umbrella to keep the mess out of the house. Buy a few packages of water balloons and have a balloon fight when it’s hot outside.

8.Schedule quiet time for the children when you are left alone so you can read your book.

9.Teach them how to wash clothes or better yet have an older child teach them, including how to treat stains.

10. Finally, organize a family summer trip. A lot of agencies will have a special deal if you are willing to rent acar for a week, or if you are only going to have it for the weekend. Prices can vary and change depending upon the holiday season or during peak times in the summer, one can really never know how much it is going to cost to rent a car but you can also try to get the best car rental deals.


Along with all the planning children need time to just be children, to come up with their own ways to keep busy and entertained. At the same time they need structure and encouragement to think for themselves which will make them happier children.